How to prolong the life of PE plastic products?

2015-4-14 9:48:19Edit:管理员
People in the use of plastic products, often encounter the hard, brittle, discoloration, crack and the performance decrease, this is the ageing of plastics. Of course, a PE plastic is plastic, also will be aging.
In order to solve the problem of aging people, often with some antioxidant for PE plastic, to slow down the aging speed, but it does not fundamentally solve the problem. In order to make the plastic products can be durable, is mainly used to properly, do not let the sun exposure, do not let the rain, was not in the fire or radiator grill, often do not contact with water or oil.
In addition, try to avoid using plastic containers or bags containing oily or hot food, plastic products can not be forced collision, can not often exposure at high temperatures, the collision easily broken, exposure to accelerate the aging, so as to shorten the service life.
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