Self suction mouth of the advantages and the role of the bag

2016-1-22 16:02:47Edit:管理员
Self suction nozzle bag is a relatively new form of packaging, with respect to the maximum advantage of common forms of packaging is portable; self suction nozzle bag can be conveniently fit into a backpack or pocket, but also with the contents of the reduce volume, more convenient to carry. Improve product quality, strengthen the shelves in the visual effect, portability, convenient use, preservation and sealing etc. advantage. Self suction nozzle bag by PET/foil/PET/PE laminated structure, also can have 2 layers, 3 layers and other material specifications, according to different products and packaging, according to the need to increase the oxygen isolating layer, reduce the oxygen transmission rate, prolong the shelf life.
Currently on the market for soft drinks in PET bottle packaging, cans, composite aluminum foil, as the main form, the increasing homogenization of competition today, improvement in packing is one of effective means of competitive differentiation. Self suction nozzle bag packaging PET bottles with repeated and composite aluminum foil fashion, at the same time in the printing performance is a traditional beverage packaging incomparable advantages, because the basic shape of the self-supporting bag so nozzle bag display area was significantly higher than that of PET bottle, and is superior to can not stand the Tetra Pak pillow type packaging. Of course, the nozzle bag belongs to the category of soft package it is not suitable for carbonated beverage packaging, but in fruit juices, dairy products, beverage, has the advantage be richly endowed by nature the jelly food etc..
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