Domestic market share reform plastic industry is less than 1/3

2015-4-14 9:44:31Edit:管理员
With the rapid development of domestic economy, modified plastics industry has become a new bright spot of economic growth. It is reported, the modified plastic has been listed as a national focus on the development of the science and technology, the production and consumption of an average annual growth rate reached 20% and 15% respectively..
However, the data do not cover the brisk domestic modified plastics industry development. Judging from the current market situation, most of the domestic modified plastics market is dominated by foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises and modified plastics market share of less than 1/3.
In this regard, insiders pointed out, resulting in domestic market share to the root cause of the plastics industry is lack of core competitive ability is not strong. On the one hand, China modified plastics industry started relatively late, the foundation is relatively weak, coupled with the lack of R & D capability, there is a certain gap with foreign advanced level. For example, a diameter of 75 mm of co rotating twin screw extruder for example, foreign the same set of equipment capacity is 2-3 times that of domestic equipment, the gap is very obvious.
On the other hand, China modified plastics industry is still in the extensive stage of development, the phenomenon of low value-added products, lack of scientific and technological content, product homogeneity is very serious. In addition, in recent years, the production scale expansion, overcapacity signs began to emerge, the tragic extent of market competition further intensified.
Therefore, how to enhance the comprehensive competitive ability of China modified plastics industry is undoubtedly the key to solve the problems of the industry market share. Concerned expert points out, China modified plastics industry must develop modification formula of strengthening, improve the added value of products and technology content, and enhance the market competitiveness of the industry, to further promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.
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